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Does Dartmouth own the Hanover Inn?

The oldest continuously operating hotel in New Hampshire, Hanover Inn Dartmouth, was once the home of General Ebenezer Brewster, who became Dartmouth College steward in 1769. Hanover Inn Dartmouth has undergone many changes while retaining its charm and ties to Dartmouth College. The property's current owners are Dartmouth College, and PM Hotel Group maintains it.

When was Hanover Inn built?

Hanover Inn's history is as illustrious as that of its current owner, Dartmouth College. The property echoes the hospitality of the innkeeper who first built lodgings on our famed ground in 1780. In its 250 years' history, the Hanover Inn has gone through many changes. The current version of the property results from its extensive renovations in 2011.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Hanover Inn Dartmouth?

Hanover Inn is open to guests 24/7 throughout the year. Due to our high cleanliness standards, we require a few hours between check-outs and check-ins. The check-in timing throughout the year in Hanover Inn Dartmouth is 3:00 PM, while check-out time is until 11:00AM. Early check-ins and late check-outs are subject to availability and the season.

What is the catering policy at Hanover Inn Dartmouth?

The Hanover Inn wants your guests to take the best memories from the event. In line with that goal, we require guaranteed guest counts and last-minute catering bookings at least five business days before the event. We arrange receptions for one-hour and buffets on one-and-a-half hours' event time estimates. AM and PM breaks are scheduled for one-and-a-half hours.