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Hanover, New Hampshire : Two East Wheelock, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

New Hampshire's Most Historic Hotel at Dartmouth College 

The oldest continuously operating hotel in New Hampshire, Hanover Inn Dartmouth was once the home of General Ebenezer Brewster, who became Dartmouth College steward in 1769. In 1780, Brewster redesigned his home and converted it into a flourishing tavern. In 1813, General Brewster's son, Amos, had the tavern moved to another site and initiated construction of a much larger building, which became known as the Dartmouth Hotel. Two years later the Wheelock Hotel was erected, and in 1901 Dartmouth College began an extensive two-year reconstruction and remodeling of the hotel grounds and facilities.
Upon its completion, the new building was named Hanover Inn Dartmouth. Throughout the years, Hanover Inn Dartmouth has undergone many changes while still retaining its charm and ties to Dartmouth College. Today, this historic Hanover, NH, hotel is renowned for delivering gracious service, timeless elegance and personalized amenities immersed in the Ivy League tradition.

Environmental Commitment

Hanover Inn Dartmouth is dedicated to environmental stewardship through the following:
Clean Plate Club at Dartmouth, New Hampshire

Clean Plate Club

If you are unable to finish your meal, we will compost anything you leave behind. The Dartmouth Organic Farm uses our compost along with local businesses to grow the herbs and vegetables used in our restaurant.
Dartmouth Local Food Sourcing

Local Food Sourcing

Food purchasing is accomplished by being sensitive to the local farmers. Our goal is to consider and utilize our abundant natural resources, especially in the kitchen where executive Chef Justin Dain uses season-fresh, ingredients provided by local vendors to craft mouthwatering cuisine.
Waste Reduction by Dartmouth Hotel

Waste Reduction

All paper, plastic, glass and tin are recycled in our efforts to reduce what ends up in our land fills. If you have any waste that you are unsure where it goes, ask our staff for assistance.
Cleaning Products at New Hampshire Hotel

Cleaning Products

Hanover Inn Dartmouth strives to meet the Green Seal's Standard and minimize the chemicals used throughout the hotel. We do all we can to minimize the amount of chemicals, and those we use are as safe for the environment as we can find.
Eco-Friendly Hotel in Dartmouth, New Hampshire

Eco-Friendly Hotel

Sheets and towels will be changed every third day, unless you ask us to change them more often. In addition, our Hanover hotel is equipped with water-free urinals in the men's public restrooms, reducing our water use by more than 75,000 gallons each year. We only use latex paint, which eliminates the clean up and disposal of harmful oil base paints.
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